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Required Documents

What you'll need to register your child for school
To register your child for school in the City School District of Albany, you will need to bring proper identification with you to the Central Registration Office, located at 75 Watervliet Ave. Central Registration is open from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. and can be reached at 475-6125. You must, in person, register your child.


New York State Education Law requires that students enrolled in the district be residents of the district and of age to attend school. The following documents must be submitted to demonstrate this.


1)     Documentation of birth - One of the following.  Copies will not be accepted.                                                                                              

  • Original birth certificate  

  • Original baptismal certificate

  • Passport

The following will be permitted as proof of birthday only if none of the above documents exist or can be produced

  • Official driver’s license

  • State or other government issued identification

  • School photo identification with date of birth

  • Consulate identification card

  • Hospital or health records

  • Military dependent identification card

  • Documents issued by federal, state, or local agencies

  • Court orders or other court-issued documents

  • Native American tribal documents

  • Records form non-profit international aid agencies and voluntary agencies

2) Parent/guardian photo identification                                                                                                                                                                              

3) Proof of address (2 different items required in one parent/guardian name)                                                                                  

  1. Each must include the name and address of a parent or guardian and must be dated within 30 days prior to registration date

  2. Parent or guardian must be able to produce one document from each category


Category 1**                                                                                                   

  • Copy of residential lease; deed; or mortgage statement

  • Statement by a third-party landlord, owner, or tenant from whom the parent/guardian lease from or live with

  • Other statement by third party establishing physical presence of parent/guardian within school district

Category 2

  • Cell phone or telephone bill (Welcome letter from phone company is acceptable)

  • Utility bill (electric, gas)                                                

  • Satellite/cable television bill or installation receipt

  • Furniture rental statement (e.g. Aaron’s, Rent-A-Center)

  • Auto insurance ID card

  • NYS driver’s license, learner’s permit or non-driver ID

  • Payroll check (dated within the last two weeks) or income tax form

  • Social security statements

  • DSS documentations

  • State or other government issued ID

  • Documents issued by federal, state or local agencies

**Two forms of identification from Category 2 will be acceptable only if the parent/guardian is unable to produce a document from Category 1. 


4) Official immunization record signed by a physician or clinic staff


5) Evidence of custody (Custody papers in the form of a court order of custody or stamped petition are acceptable)

  • If the student is not the biological child, documentation must be presented which proves a permanent and total transfer of custody and control has been achieved

  • Parent must be able to demonstrate they are the person in parental relation to the child, over whom they have total and permanent custody and control

6) Report card or transcript for all new students entering middle school and high school 


Office of Central Registration 1/30/2015


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