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Magnet elementary schools


Magnet Schools Office

75 Watervliet Ave., room 112

Albany, NY 12206

Phone: 475-6551

Fax: 475-6550


Some seats available for September 2014

Seats in certain grades still are available for September in each of the district’s three magnet elementary schools, and the City School District of Albany will continue to hold monthly lotteries until the seats are filled.


If you would like to enter your child into the lottery, please download an application and mail it to the Magnet Schools Office, 75 Watervliet Ave., Room 112, Albany, NY 12206.


You need to submit an application only once. Your child's name will continue to be entered into future lotteries for the 2014-15 school year.


Magnet school lottery held April 11


Magnet schools are open to children citywide and enrolled by two random lotteries: one for prekindergarteners and one for students from kindergarten through grade 5 or 6, depending on the school. All magnet prekindergarten seats will be filled through the separate prekindergarten lottery.


Families need to apply for the lotteries, which was held April 11. However, the deadline to apply for the lottery was March 31.


A student assigned to a magnet school in prekindergarten will have the choice of continuing his or her school for kindergarten and all subsequent elementary years.


Both lotteries were held April 11.


About Albany's elementary magnet schools

A magnet school is a specialized program that focuses instruction on a particular theme and incorporates that theme across all subject areas.


Albany's three magnet elementary schools give families a real choice in public education. Students have a unique opportunity to deeply explore enriched, theme-based programs in specific areas.


Magnet schools are open to children citywide and enrolled by two random lotteries: one for prekindergarteners and one for older students. Families need to apply for the lotteries, which in 2014 were held on April 11.


Click on its highlighted name below to learn more about each school.

  • Albany School of Humanities (ASH). Serving prekindergarten through grade 6. At ASH, learners explore diverse cultures through the study of visual arts, literature, music and theater arts.

  • Montessori Magnet School. Serving prekindergarten through grade 5. Montessori seeks to educate students in a way that incorporates all five senses, creates a warm and inviting community and encourages students to give their best efforts.

  • Thomas O'Brien Academy of Science and Technology (TOAST). Serving prekindergarten through grade 5. TOAST emphasizes science and technology across all subject areas.

Applying to magnet schools
Admission to Albany's magnet schools is done through two random lotteries -- one for prekindergarten, and one for grades kindergarten through 5/6.


Student selection in the lottery is random, but certain factors take priority when determining where children will be placed:

  • Neighborhood Preference -- Children who reside within designated magnet-school attendance zones are given admission preference within the lottery system according to the current district neighborhood preference policy.

  • Sibling Preference -- Siblings of students currently enrolled in any of the three magnet schools are given admission preference within the lottery system.

  • Special Education -- Placement of students who receive special-education services, including placement in integrated classrooms, must be determined by the Committee on Special Education since students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are placed into appropriate programs based on the committee's recommendations.

For the 2014-15 school year, the application deadline was March 31 and the lottery was April 11. For more information, call the Magnet Schools Office at 475-6551. 


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