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Addressing the board

Paula Tibbitts, board clerk

1 Academy Park

Albany, NY 12207



How do I participate in board meetings?

The board president may grant speakers permission to make brief statements about specific agenda items at times other than the periods scheduled for public comment.


The board would like to reaffirm the guidelines that govern public discussions about employees and students. To that effect, Board of Education counsel read the following statement at the board’s meeting Jan. 5, 2015:


The board wishes to remind the public of certain board policies.


Board Policy 1230, entitled “PUBLIC PARTICIPATION AT BOARD MEETINGS,” states in pertinent part:


The board will not permit in public session discussion involving individual district personnel or students. Persons wishing to discuss matters involving individual district personnel or students should present their comments and/or concerns to the superintendent during regular business hours.


Board Policy 1400 entitled, “PUBLIC COMPLAINTS,” states:


The Board of Education recognizes the right of community members to register individual or group concerns regarding instruction, district programs, instructional materials, operations and/or staff members. The main goal of the district is to resolve such concerns specifically with the parties involved, whenever possible.


Public complaints about the school district will be directed to the proper administrative personnel. Complaints about specific classroom practices shall be directed to the teacher concerned. If the matter is not settled satisfactorily, the complainant shall then contact the building principal; if there is no resolution on this level, the superintendent of schools or his/her designee shall be contacted. The superintendent shall refer the issue to the board for final resolution, if necessary.


All matters referred to the superintendent and/or the board shall be in writing. Concerns registered directly to the board as a whole or to an individual board member shall be referred as soon as is reasonably possible to the superintendent for investigation, report and/or resolution.


One reason for these policies is to allow a full investigation of all complaints without embarrassing or criticizing any individuals in advance of any findings of wrongdoing. No public comment will be tolerated that discusses individual district staff or students, or violates any board policy. The board fully appreciates the public's cooperation with assuring these policies are followed.


To address the board
You may contact the board clerk, Paula Tibbitts, prior to the board meeting and ask for your name to be placed on the public comment sign-in sheet. The board clerk can be reached at 475-6015 or via e-mail at You also may sign up to speak at the board meeting.


At the beginning of public comment period, the board president will read the names, in order, from the sign-in sheet.


When your name is read, you may approach the podium. You are asked to restate your name and your address. All persons addressing the board are asked to keep their comments to three minutes. Speakers may only address the board once during the public comment period.


Board members will listen to each speaker's remarks, but no action will be taken until the board is properly prepared to address the issue. The board will respond to all communications by the most appropriate means.

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