2021-22 Back to School Plan

Health Hygiene

The district will continue to emphasize healthy hygiene practices for students and employees by providing refresher education in hand and respiratory hygiene, along with providing adequate supplies and time for frequent hand hygiene.

The district will post signs throughout all buildings (e.g., entrances, restrooms, cafeteria, classrooms, administrative offices, auditorium, custodial staff areas, etc.) and regular messaging will be shared with the school community.

Signage will be used to remind individuals to: 

  1. Stay home if they feel sick.
  2. At times other than meals, cover their nose and mouth with an acceptable face covering when inside a school or district building, or on a school bus. .
  3. Properly store and, when necessary, discard PPE.
  4. Adhere to social distancing instructions where applicable.
  5. Report symptoms of, or exposure to, COVID-19.
  6. Follow hand hygiene, and cleaning and disinfection guidelines.
  7. Follow respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette.
  8. Follow cleaning and disinfection guidelines. 

The City School District of Albany continues to work in collaboration with our state and local health and education partners and medical professionals to review the latest COVID-19 guidance and recommendations. As new information is provided to us, we will update this document accordingly.