2021-22 Back to School Plan

COVID-19 screening

Student screening

The district has developed resources to educate parents, guardians and students regarding the careful observation of symptoms of COVID-19 and temperature screening measures that must be conducted each morning before coming to school.

At schools and office buildings, the district will implement screening practices that include mandatory daily temperature checks for all students and employees before entering the building. The district will deny access to the building for any student with a temperature greater or equal to 100.0°F, or will send the student directly to a dedicated isolation area to await pickup by a parent or guardian. Please refer to the “Symptoms of COVID-19 at school” and “Return to school after illness” sections for more information. You also can read more about this process for students in the Health Screening, Hygiene and Safety section of this plan.

Employee screening

The district will provide all employees with training on expectations on reporting symptoms of COVID-19, positive COVID-19 test results or possible exposures.

At school and district buildings, the district will require daily temperature checks for all employees before entering the building. The district will deny access to the building for any employee with a temperature greater or equal to 100.0°F.

Employees are to stay home while the facts are evaluated. While at home, employees are to submit their absences into the district’s Absence Management system. Human Resources will additionally monitor employees who are directed to stay home so they are credited with appropriate leave time (i.e., sick leave or New York State Paid Leave for COVID-19). 

Those employees who are subject to a mandatory or precautionary order of quarantine or isolation issued by the State of New York, the Department of Health, local board of health or any government entity duly authorized to issue such order due to COVID-19, will be credited New York State Paid Leave for COVID-19 consistent with current guidance.

Reimbursement for sick time used is typically provided after an initial quarantine order.  Subsequent quarantines may trigger reimbursement of time if the employee then tests positive for COVID-19. 

At no time shall an employee qualify for New York State Paid Leave reimbursement for more than three instances of quarantine or isolation. Employees who exhaust this paid leave option may still continue to utilize their accrued sick, personal or vacation time to remain in paid status.

The medical director will contact the county health department to determine next steps and appropriate notifications that are to be made. The health department then initiates contact tracing procedures as well as notifying the district regarding next steps related to quarantine if necessary, building cleaning, disinfecting and site-based closure processes if required.

For more information about the notification process, please refer to our Communication/Family and Community Engagement section.

The City School District of Albany continues to work in collaboration with our state and local health and education partners and medical professionals to review the latest COVID-19 guidance and recommendations. As new information is provided to us, we will update this document accordingly.