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City School District of Albany
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Harriet Gibbons High School

Harriet Gibbons High School
Anthony Clement, Principal
Judith Collins, Assistant Principal
75 Watervliet Avenue, Albany, NY 12206
(click here for directions)
Ph: (518) 482-8729 or 482-7534
Fax: (518) 463-0799
Nurse: (518) 437-3856

Sunshine School
The Sunshine School Program provides intensive transitional support for grade 9-12 students returning from incarceration, Office of Children and Family Services facilities, day treatment programs, residential programs, and difficult-to-serve students needing a diagnostic placement for planning a transition to an appropriate program.

  • The program serves up to 24 students at a time on a short-term basis. Over the period of a year, approximately 80 to 100 students move through the program.

  • Staff includes two school administrators (one director/principal, one assistant principal); two teachers; one teacher aide and one teacher assistant; one social worker; and one hall monitor.

  • The average class size is 12.

  • The attendance rate is 78.25%.

Program improvement goals

Goal 1
Increase the number of students who have secured part-time employment and/or community service experience.

Goal 2
Increase the number of individual students with attendance greater than 75%.

Goal 3
Increase the attendance rate of all students placed in the Sunshine School Program.

Programs and services
Programs include English/Language Arts, social studies, math, science, Introduction to Occupations, music, art, physical education, and job shadowing experiences. Computer stations are available to students.

The school also provides intensive support in the following areas:

Social Skills Plus
A level system which fosters and supports appropriate social skills, positive communication skills, and outstanding and improved attendance.

Social Work Services
These include individual and group counseling, transitional planning, support follow-up activities with families, community services, the juvenile system and agency follow-along services, community outreach, and family support.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the Director of Special Education Ken Cioffi at 462-7217.

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