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Kathleen Ryan

Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics

Ashley Chapple

Instructional Supervisor for Health, Physical Education and Athletics

Rachel Shatney

Certified Trainer and Athletics Assitant

Winter coaches

Decky Lawson

Varsity Girls' Basketball Coach

Ashlyn Slater

Varsity Girls' Basketball Assistant Coach

Jeff Dring

Freshman/Mod 9 Girls' Basketball Coach

Antwan Morrison

Modified Girls' Basketball Coach (O'Neal)

Mylah Chandler

Modified Girls' Basketball Coach (Myers)

Carlee Hoyt

Modified Girls' Basketball Coach (Hackett)

Sean Brown

Varsity Boys' Basketball Coach

John Scott

Varsity Boys' Basketball Assistant Coach

Christopher Deck

JV Boys' Basketball Coach

Tyler McLeod

Freshman Boys' Basketball Coach

Marc Fruscio

Modified Boys' Basketball Coach (Hackett)

Stephon Paulk

Modified Boys' Basketball Coach (Myers)

Derrick Bryant

Modified Boys' Basketball Coach (O'Neal)

Adela Pulaha

Varsity Girls' Indoor Track Coach

Matthew Sikora

Varsity Girls' Indoor Track Assistant Coach

Steven Gallagher

Varsity Boys' Indoor Track Coach

Pawan Thapalia

Varsity Boys' Indoor Track Assistant Coach