Facilities use guidelines

Kathy Futia

Facilities Use Coordinator

The City School District of Albany’s buildings and grounds are maintained primarily for the purpose of educating students. However, the Board of Education recognizes that district facilities are a valuable community resource and believes they should be available to the community for uses that will not interfere with educational activities or disrupt district operations such as renovation or maintenance.

Please note that applications are required to be submitted at least 30 days in advance of an event. We recommend that requests for use for the spring, summer and fall seasons are submitted no earlier than Feb. 1 and no later than Feb. 28 of the calendar year.

Please note the following guidelines and the required submission of the Facilities Use Application.

  • The Facilities Use Application must be received by the facilities use coordinator at least 30 days prior to the use date requested. 
  • Fees for use start at $60 per hour with additional charges for special use services (e.g., audio-visual, auditorium, cafeteria).
  • Applicable fees and regulations for the use of school facilities will be reviewed with each applicant prior to facilities use confirmation.
  • The user of district facilities shall, during its use of district facilities, carry and pay for public liability insurance fully protecting and insuring the user and the district from and against any liability for injury or death to any person and or damage to property arising out of the use of and occupancy of district facilities, including the district’s reasonable expense, if any, incurred in defending any suit to enforce such liability.  Such liability insurance shall be in policies of companies licensed to do business in the New York state.
    • Insurance policy must have minimum limits of:
      • Bodily injury - $1,000,000 (each person)
      • Property damage - $250,000 (each accident)

The following endorsement must be appended to the policy:

  • It is understood and agreed that the City School District of Albany is the owner of the building described in the annexed policy. The district is an additional insured and said policy is extended in all of its terms to cover any liability of ownership, maintenance or use under the terms of said policy to the limits thereof of the district.
  • The original of the policy or a duplicate thereof must be filed with the Facilities Use Coordinator no later than 15 days prior to the use.
  • The endorsement shall be appended to the policy described, which will guarantee to the district that notification of any cancellation shall be received by the district no later that 10 days prior to such cancellation.

The turf field at Albany High School is available for rental, with preference given to student groups and district-related activities. Requests to rent the field must be submitted during February of the calendar year that a group wants to use the field. Late requests also may be considered. Click the highlighted text for the Albany High School Artificial Turf Field Rental Application.

Please see the rental application for rates. Full payment is required no later than two weeks before to the event. In addition, liability insurance is required in the form of a policy naming the City School District of Albany as an additional insured in the amount of $1 million for personal injury and $250,000 for property damage. Please see page 4 of the rental agreement for more information.

Turf field use rules:

  • No food of any kind is permitted.
  • Water is the only beverage allowed.
  • Gum is prohibited.
  • Nuts and sunflower seeds are prohibited.
  • Tobacco and alcohol products are prohibited.
  • Animals are prohibited.
  • Metal spikes/cleats and high-heeled shoes are prohibited.
  • Burning materials of any kind is prohibited.
  • The use of sharp objects or golf clubs on all surfaces is prohibited.
  • Profane language, boisterous behavior, or other objectionable behavior is prohibited.
  • Only authorized maintenance vehicles are allowed on the turf field.
  • Marking or painting on the track, turf or any of the facility playing surfaces is strictly prohibited.
  • Moveable markers, such as cones and hurdles are allowed upon receipt of permission from the district director of athletics.

When more than one organization requests the same space, the district's Public Use of Facilities Policy gives preference in the following order:

  • Group I -- District-related groups
    • Organizations that are part of, or specifically related to, the school district. For example: school-sponsored extracurricular activities, school-sponsored teams, school-sponsored intramurals, PTA/PTOs, or school or district booster clubs.
  • Group II -- Albany community groups
    • Student and adult groups primarily serving City of Albany residents. Generally, Group II organizations must have at least 75% of participants (or at least 75% of home team participants) residing in Albany. For example, events sponsored by the City of Albany, YMCA, PAL or Albany Youth Soccer.
  • Group III -- Other groups
    • All other organizations. For example, towns and other agencies not located in Albany, colleges located in Albany or colleges located outside of Albany.