Parent University | February 2021

Fitness and Health

This month's virtual Parent University focuses on wellness, nutrition and fitness with a prerecorded presentation by district Physical Education Teachers Kristi Freitag and Joshua Binfield.

Wellness, nutrition and fitness are often at the forefront of many health-related conversations as we continue navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this month's presentation, Freitag and Binfield will sort through the world of nutrition information (and misinformation) and focus on positive approaches to food and movement. The presentation also contains some guided examples on how easy and fun simple at-home fitness can be.

Virtual presentation

Additional resources

In addition to the Google Slides presentation featured in the video above, please feel free to explore the following resources.

For more information, contact:

In addition to the staff listed below, we also encourage you to contact your child's Physical Education teacher with any additional questions.

Ashley Chapple

Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics

Kristi Freitag

Phys Ed Teacher

Joshua Binfield

Phys Ed Teacher

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