Parent University: October 2021

Topic: Coping with stress

School Psychologist Liz Gialanella, Psy.D. will provide parents and caregivers with tools to manage their and their children's stress at this month's virtual Parent University. 


This month's virtual Parent University will provide parents and caregivers with practical tools and strategies that they can use to help their children manage the stress of the COVID pandemic. 

This is a time of uncertainty and information overload.  Kids can become frightened, confused and sad because they don't know what is going on and can sense the fear and anxieties of the adults around them.  

Parents and caregivers attending these virtual sessions will have a chance to practice techniques that help to reset the nervous system and reduce feelings of fear, anxiety and panic. 

There will be space for questions and discussion on how to access supportive resources within the community.

Virtual workshops

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You can find mental health resources and more on our community resources page or contact:

Liz Gialanella

School Psychologist

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