Parent University: September 2021

Topic: Healthy Eating and Cooking

This month's Parent University is being held in partnership with the Cornell Cooperative Extension, with a focus on the importance and benefits of healthy eating and cooking.


We all have been consuming information on the importance of vaccinations, masks, handwashing and social distancing to keep us healthy.

For our September Parent University, we will focus on another important topic, staying healthy with the food we eat. Did you know some of the risk factors for severe COVID-19 are preventable diseases directly related to nutrition and physical activity?

With that in mind, Kim Maercklein with Cornell Cooperative Extension will be cooking with our community. She’ll host an interactive workshop with tips and tricks to eat healthy despite our busy schedules and tight budgets. You can find more information about the two sessions in the sections below.

Live workshops

The events below contain additional session details.

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Additional video resources

In addition to the live presentations, we encourage you to watch these health-related videos with your children!

Want more information?

For more information, visit or contact:

Kim Maercklein
Community Nutrition Educator
Cornell Cooperative Extension

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