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Grade Configuration Steering Committee

Phase 2 committee members (September 2016-June 2017)

Dr. Jim Butterworth, facilitator

Co-chairs: Lisa Angerame, Lesley Buff, Timothy Fowler

Clerk: Jacob Planck

  • Parents

    • Becky Edvalsen

    • Ginnie Farrell

    • Sonja Gaddy

    • Kelly Jackson

    • Beth Joslin

    • Veasia Mahadi

    • Marina Marcou-O'Malley

    • Seneka Mitchell

    • Jenny O'Neill

    • Alex Pieterse

  • Community members

    • Carmen Duncan

    • John Harris

    • Arlene Way

  • Staff

    • Kandi Antonetti

    • Karen Bechdol

    • Rosalind Gaines-Harrell

    • Tom Giglio

    • Elaine Griessler

    • Melissa Hasty

    • Bill Hogan

    • Cynthia Houser

    • Lily Htoo

    • Debbie Rutnik

    • Tonya Venable

    • Zuleika Sanchez-Gayle

Phase 1 Committee members (September 2015-June 2016)

 Robert Hendriks, facilitator

  • Board of Education

    • Ginnie Farrell, president (through Dec. 31, 2015)

    • Sue Adler, vice president

    • Rose Brandon, Th.D.

    • Jennifer Lange (after Jan. 1, 2016)

    • Anne Savage

  • Parents

    • Val Andrews

    • April Bacon

    • LaToya Brown

    • Sridar Chittur

    • Ginnie Farrell (January through June 2016)

    • Dawn Garces

    • Yomecia Johnston

    • Beth Joslin

    • Jennifer Lange (through Dec. 31, 2015)

    • Marina Marcou-O'Malley

    • Daniel McGinn

    • Jenny O'Neill

  • Community representatives

    • Connie Centrello

    • Carmen Duncan

    • Noelene Smith

    • Ocasio Willson

  • Staff

    • Lisa Angerame -- communications

    • Kandie Antonetti -- middle school principal (West Hill Middle School)

    • Karen Bechdol -- curriculum and instruction

    • Cheryl Brannock -- middle-school guidance

    • Jasmine Brown -- elementary principal (Giffen Memorial Elementary School)

    • Lesley Buff -- prekindgarten-grade principal (North Albany Academy)

    • Torrie Chapple -- home-school coordinator

    • Mary Ellen Curley -- Albany Public School United Employees

    • Rosalind Gaines-Harrell -- elementary principal (Arbor Hill Elementary School)

    • Sue Gray -- Albany Public School Teachers' Association

    • Melissa Hasty -- early childhood

    • Cindy Houser -- elementary teacher (Albany School of Humanities)

    • Deborah Rutnik -- elementary teacher (Eagle Point Elementary School)

    • Debby Sharpe-DeFries -- special education

    • Joe Verrigni -- transportation

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