Grade 1 online learning

We will be using Google Classroom to continue moving forward with new instruction for students at every grade level while schools are closed due to COVID-19

More information on Google Classroom is available here.

Classroom teachers will be available one hour each day for instruction, guidance and support.

As elementary schedules will vary by building, please check in Google Classroom for your child's specific elementary schedule.

In addition to one hour with their classroom teacher each day, elementary students will also have the opportunity to receive support from their Art, Music and Physical Education teachers.

Additional resources

The resources below can be used to supplement the online instruction provided through Google Classroom.


Students should practice Lexia for 20 minutes per day. Lexia can be accessed via Clever; instructions for Clever are available here.

Please review and practice sight words, which can be found in this document.


Spend 10-15 minutes daily writing a story with your family using the phonics and vocabulary from Your Turn Practice Book: Pages 1-160. Each day focus on reviewing 10 pages from Your Practice Book and use those pages to reinforce phonics and vocabulary review when you are writing. Day 1: Pages 1-10, Day 2: Pages 11-20, Day 3: Pages 21-30, etc.

Additional resources

  • Time for KidsAn online magazine that features current news related articles grades K-5. 
  • PBSStandards-aligned videos, activities and lessons students.
  • Unite for LiteracyA free resource of audible books for students in pre-K-grade 3.
  • Audible Discoverya free resource of Audible books for students
  • TumbleBook Library: A K-6 children's ebook database (username: tumble735 password: books)


K-5 students sign on to this platform through Clever. Dreambox can be accessed via Clever; instructions for Clever are available here.

Students should spend 20 minutes a day working on this individualized programming.

Reinforcement Practice Packet

These packets were both sent home in bookbags for grades K-2 and mailed to grades 3-5. Students should work at their own pace and complete 2 or 3 pages a day.  

Students should spend up to 15 minutes a day on working on these packets.

Additional resources

After completion of Dreambox and the Reinforcement Practice Packet pages, these resources can be used.


Students should spend 15-20 minutes daily reading one of the articles below each day and develop written responses in a journal or sheet of paper.

Science Fusion 

Students are free to select, read and complete any pages in the student consumable workbook. Students should spend 15 minutes a day on this activity. (This workbook was sent home in backpacks on March 13)

Online resources

Students should engage in a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity daily. Before engaging in Physical Education activities, make sure the environment is clear of other people and objects. 

Videos and workout ideas

Phys Ed Apps

  • Stretch It
  • Jump It
  • Balance It
  • SworkIt for Kids
  • Rip Deck
  • Lazy Monster

Adaptive Phys Ed

Below are activities which are modified for students with physical limitations. Select one or more of the choices below for a minimum of 60 minutes of  daily. Be sure to select exercises that are within your child’s abilities and in accordance with the instructions of their medical professionals.

Fitness Workouts


In addition to the links below, students can also access our library databases available online.

Students should practice typing 10 minutes a day using the links below.

The resources below can be used to develop responsible use of technology (referred to as digital citizenship).

The City School District of Albany will provide educational resources to students during the school closure. Schools must ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to those same educational opportunities. 

The district recommends the following guidance for students eligible under Section 504 during the school closure: 

  • Students with 504 plans should follow grade level instructional resources and materials. 
  • All relevant accommodations on a student’s 504 plan will continue to apply to all school assignments, to the greatest extent possible. If you need a copy of your student’s 504 plan or have questions please contact Meghan Warren, Quality Assurance Manager at
  • All instructional resources should be accessible to students with disabilities. If parents, students or school staff have concerns that grade level resources or other educational materials are not accessible to a student eligible under Section 504, please contact the classroom teacher or building principal.
  • The district requires 504 plans to be reviewed annually and 504 eligibility to be reviewed every three years. School staff will be contacting parents to schedule 504 Annual Review and/or Triennial Re-Evaluation meetings as appropriate. 

We understand that this disruption is difficult for both students and families and every effort will be made to minimize the impact to students. 

Please feel free to visit our Special Education resources section for additional information.

Tech support and student privacy

The district’s Technology Help Desk may assist students and families with issues related to connecting a Chromebook to wireless access points, or with student login to the Chromebooks or the Clever suite of applications.

You can reach the Technology Help Desk from 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. each weekday at (518) 475-6195. 

Please note that the Help Desk cannot assist with matters related to use, content or activities within any of the district instructional applications or Google Classroom. Questions regarding the use of Google Classroom, instructional resources, learning tasks or expectations related to instructional content need to be directed to each student’s teacher or principal. 

Please note that the City School District of Albany can only guarantee the safety of a students' digital footprint and identity if they are using one of the district-approved applications located in Clever or within the Google Education Suite. The use of other websites/applications is at the discretion of the parent. We strongly encourage you to read the privacy policies of any non-district approved applications to ensure that your child's identity is properly protected.