Grade 8 resources

The resources on this page are for use while classes are canceled due to COVID-19.

Our English Language Arts Department is recommending students in grade 8 do the following:

  • 30 minutes a day of reading
  • 15-30 minutes a day of writing

Reading Resources

Students should feel free to read anything that interests them - this can include novels, non-fiction texts, newspaper articles - you name it! For those without books at home, here are a few resources where you can find texts to read:

Writing Resources

Students should feel free to write in any way they wish about the text they are reading. Suggested writing prompts and independent project ideas can be found below.

Students in grade 8 Math should spend approximately 30 minutes per day reviewing past math learning and skills. Students and parents should explore the units of study listed within the online and print resources below. Be sure to explore a variety of the units listed below.

Previous Units of Study

  • Real Numbers 
  • Analyze & Solve Linear Equations 
  • Functions 
  • Use Functions to Model Relationships 
  • Solving Systems of Equations 

Links to Online Resources

Print Resources

  • enVisions Workbook: Book 2, Topic 5 and earlier

Students should spend approximately 30 minutes every other day on Social Studies.

Using this document, which contains review topics, students should select complete one topic and the related activities each day.

Students can access the Newsela articles in the document through Clever. Instructions for signing into Clever are available here.

Students in grade 8 Science should spend approximately 30 minutes every other day reviewing past science learning and practicing science skills. Students and parents should search for the topics of study listed within the online resources. Be sure to explore a variety of the topics listed below in these next weeks; for enrichment, take a deeper dive into an interesting concept or theme.

Units and Topics of Study

  • Scientific Inquiry (experimental design, metric measurement, graphing)
  • Forces in Motion (speed, Newton’s laws, friction, gravity, air pressure, F=ma)
  • Energy (work, power, energy, potential & kinetic energy, machines, electricity, magnetism)
  • Weather & Climate (water cycle, air fronts, weather maps, severe weather)
  • Evolution (natural selection, evidence of evolution, cladograms, dichotomous keys)
  • Plus, review any Grades 6 or 7 Science topics!

Links to Online Resources

Students should spend 30 minutes every other day engaging in music activities, guided by the resources provided below.

Students should engage in a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity daily. Before engaging in Physical Education activities, make sure the environment is clear of other people and objects. 

Videos and workout ideas

Phys Ed Apps

  • Stretch It
  • Jump It
  • Balance It
  • SworkIt for Kids
  • Rip Deck
  • Lazy Monster

Adaptive Phys Ed

Below are activities which are modified for students with physical limitations. Select one or more of the choices below for a minimum of 60 minutes of  daily. Be sure to select exercises that are within your child’s abilities and in accordance with the instructions of their medical professionals.

Fitness Workouts


The Middle School library provides several databases to support research and learning. Please feel free to use this link to access all databases.

Approximately 30 minutes a day should be spent on Health Education. Select one of the assignments below to complete daily. Some assignments will span over the course of a couple of days, so be sure to read the specific instructions.

Students should complete approximately 40 minutes of technology/computer activities once a week. Select a variety of options from the list below to review past learning and skills. Make sure to check Google Classroom for any teacher who regularly uses the platform in class.

Journal each day for 10 minutes using Google Docs -Each day change font style and add images to the document to express your feelings.

Computer class


Coding practice

Digital Citizenship

Virtual tours

Other activities

A choice board is available for students to select an activity to complete as part of the review of content and skills.

Students should complete one activity per week. Make sure to check Google Classroom for any teacher who regularly uses the platform in class.

Students should log onto their Google Classrooms for specific resources. If that is not available, students should spend 15 minutes per day studying vocabulary words and write five sentences in the target language using those words/terms.

The City School District of Albany will provide educational resources to students during the school closure. Schools must ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to those same educational opportunities. 

The district recommends the following guidance for students eligible under Section 504 during the school closure: 

  • Students with 504 plans should follow grade level instructional resources and materials. 
  • All relevant accommodations on a student’s 504 plan will continue to apply to all school assignments, to the greatest extent possible. If you need a copy of your student’s 504 plan or have questions please contact Meghan Warren, Quality Assurance Manager at
  • All instructional resources should be accessible to students with disabilities. If parents, students or school staff have concerns that grade level resources or other educational materials are not accessible to a student eligible under Section 504, please contact the classroom teacher or building principal.
  • The district requires 504 plans to be reviewed annually and 504 eligibility to be reviewed every three years. School staff will be contacting parents to schedule 504 Annual Review and/or Triennial Re-Evaluation meetings as appropriate. 

We understand that this disruption is difficult for both students and families and every effort will be made to minimize the impact to students. 

Please feel free to visit our Special Education resources section for additional information.