Grade 9-12 Section 504 resources

The resources on this page are for use while classes are canceled due to COVID-19

The City School District of Albany will provide educational resources to students during the school closure. Schools must ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to those same educational opportunities. 

The district recommends the following guidance for students eligible under Section 504 during the school closure: 

  • Students with 504 plans should follow grade level instructional resources and materials. 
  • All relevant accommodations on a student’s 504 plan will continue to apply to all school assignments, to the greatest extent possible. If you need a copy of your student’s 504 plan or have questions please contact Meghan Warren, Quality Assurance Manager at
  • All instructional resources should be accessible to students with disabilities. If parents, students or school staff have concerns that grade level resources or other educational materials are not accessible to a student eligible under Section 504, please contact the classroom teacher or building principal.
  • The district requires 504 plans to be reviewed annually and 504 eligibility to be reviewed every three years. School staff will be contacting parents to schedule 504 Annual Review and/or Triennial Re-Evaluation meetings as appropriate. 

We understand that this disruption is difficult for both students and families and every effort will be made to minimize the impact to students. 

Please feel free to visit our Special Education resources section for additional information.