Jaidyn Rogers

Jaidyn Rogers

Grade 7
Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School

"There are both positive and negative things about online learning. Something positive about my online learning experience is that I don’t get a lot of distractions like I do get at school. I think that I’m more focused at home but you have to be more disciplined. I created a schedule for myself and I try to get all of my work done in the morning so that I can help my sisters with their work." 

"I also don’t have to worry about the NWEA test. My family has spent more time together too – we have game night almost every night."

"Something negative about my online experience is that I miss my friends at school. I also miss my favorite teachers."

"Something that’s both positive and negative is that my parents make sure I do 30 minutes of extra reading and do extra work on IXL (an online learning platform)."