Aspiring engineers take 3rd in regional competition

Girls and boys in the Hackett Middle School STEM Club pose with their Future Cities project.

Congratulations to the up-and-coming engineers in the Hackett Middle School STEM Club! They took third place overall in the regional Future City Competition held Saturday at the Sage College Armory.

Future City is an annual nationwide competition that focus on improving the math, engineering and science skills of students in grades 6-8. Students are challenged to imagine, research, design and build cities of the future, and then solve a problem facing the city. The problem changes each year; in 2020, teams chose a threat to their city’s water supply and designed a system to maintain a reliable system of clean drinking water.

Led by adviser and teacher Allison Griner, Hackett’s team spent the last four months preparing for Saturday’s competition. Besides coming in third overall, they earned awards for “Most Innovating Moving Part” and “Best Planned Future City.”

Team members are:

  • Bianca Cady
  • Simon Carey
  • Milagro Casanova
  • Moira Cruz
  • Luke Gibson
  • Endri Hoxha
  • Barbara Kirchgraber
  • Trent Minarich
  • Christabelle Serrano
  • Saugat Shah
  • Cole Solomon
  • Timothy Stevens
  • Sage Volmer
  • Zoey Volmer
  • Nolan Wolfgang

Great job, everyone!