Reopening: School Activities


The district’s plan regarding extracurricular programs takes into consideration the activities that will be allowed as well as social distancing, PPE usage, and cleaning and disinfection. The planning also takes into consideration the risk of COVID-19 transmission (e.g., interscholastic sports, assemblies, and other gatherings) and is aligned with the New York State Department of Health’s “Interim Guidance for Sports and Recreation During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.” 



Only school assemblies or gatherings that can be held remotely or outdoors following the social distancing and PPE guidelines will be permitted under the current health and safety guidance. In the event of another extended closure, assemblies would continue to be held virtually (e.g., daily/weekly morning assemblies, PBIS assemblies, etc.). 

Assemblies that families participate in (honor roll, attendance, etc.) could be live-streamed if all participants have signed media releases.

Promotion ceremonies will be conducted virtually and/or outdoors in alignment with current COVID-19 guidance on gathering sizes, appropriate PPE and social distancing.


Middle school and high school

Extracurricular after-school clubs may be held virtually upon approval of the site administrator.  

All celebrations, including promotion ceremonies and graduations, honor roll, PBIS, attendance, etc., will be virtual unless CDC/DOH guidelines permit large in-person gatherings with proper PPE and social distancing.


The New York State Public High School Athletic Association announced July 16 that the start of the fall athletic season will be delayed at least until Sept. 21, and possibly until the late winter-early spring of 2021 due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19. The association is committed to continuing to monitor and follow all health and safety guidance from the state, and will work collaboratively with state officials to ensure that modified (grades 7-8) and high school athletics are following all required protocols when they are allowed to resume. Our school district will align with those recommendations as we all work together to ensure a safe and responsible resumption of athletics at an appropriate time.


A written plan is in place for before- and after-care programs run by the district.  

Guidelines regarding before- and after-care programs include social distancing, PPE usage, cleaning and disinfection requirements, as well as risk of COVID-19 transmission. Protocols in how to maintain cohorts, if applicable, or group members of the same household will be considered.

The district contracts with the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club of Albany for after-care, and has building-use agreements in place with the YMCA and Sidney Albert Jewish Community Center to provide fee-based after-care programs at our schools. These three providers are overseen by the Office of Child and Family Services and will follow the OCFS and New York State Department of Health guidelines for childcare.  

Our contract with partners will include the health and safety protocols required for the program to be in alignment with OCFS and NYSDOH guidelines. Our contracted programs will be monitored for compliance with regulation, health and safety protocols, and program requirements by their respective district coordinator.

Our on-site after-care programs will be housed in rooms that have been disinfected for the after-care cohorts of students prior to their use. The programs will follow the OCFS and NYSDOH guidelines for health, safety, handwashing, health screenings, PPE and social distancing.  

If our partners are able to find space, our programs may relocate off-site within walking distance of the school to provide a space that is disinfected for the after-care cohort groups. Programs housed at our school sites will be cleaned and disinfected by the district maintenance staff, and district cleaning and disinfecting procedures are outlined in the overall reopening plan.