Fourth-quarter instructional model selection for grades 7-12

Albany High student wearing COVID-19 mask playing a musical instrument

Please note the selection process has closed as of 5 p.m. on March 8.

If you still have questions or concerns regarding the selection process, please contact your child's school.

The City School District of Albany is planning for the fourth quarter of the school year and is providing parents and guardians of students in grades 7-12 an opportunity to update instructional preferences and transportation needs. 

The district’s fourth-quarter instructional selection process offers an opportunity to choose a hybrid instructional model (in-person one or more days a week) or a full distance learning model. The district will determine the number of days each week that it can offer in-person instruction based on responses, staffing and building capacity in alignment with COVID-19 guidelines. 

This process also allows families to update transportation needs for the final marking period if necessary. Our ability to accommodate new transportation requests also will depend on bus capacity in alignment with COVID-19 guidelines. 

The selection process will be open until Monday, March 8 at 5 p.m.

The selection process applies to general education students in grades 7-12 only. For all other district students, instructional options for the fourth quarter will remain the same (full in-person or full distance learning).

You can also view this news story for additional updates on our work to expand in-person opportunities for general education students in grades 7-12

It is important to note that due to social distancing requirements, space is limited. Due to these limitations, we will do our best to accommodate requests to change instructional or transportation preferences for the fourth quarter, which begins April 26.

Should COVID-19 guidelines change in the coming weeks or months, we will adjust our planning accordingly and keep you updated on any such changes.