Reopening: Vulnerable Populations

The district recognizes that some students are at an increased risk for severe COVID-19 illness, live with a person who is at an increased risk, or simply do not feel comfortable returning to an in-person educational environment. It is our goal that these individuals are able to safely participate in educational activities.

The district will provide parents and guardians with a choice regarding whether their child returns to on-site learning every day, a blended learning environment or an all-virtual environment. If the parent or guardian chooses not to send their child back to school, the school will provide instruction remotely. 

In addition, a family with a student with special needs or a student who is medically fragile and may not be able to maintain social distancing, hand or respiratory hygiene, or wear a face mask, should consult with their child’s healthcare provider so that an informed decision can be made on how best to meet the child’s needs at school while protecting their health and safety.

Planning and coordination of school health services personnel, special education staff, pupil personnel services and administration will be completed for all vulnerable populations. The district will create alternate plans on how to best meet the needs of the child for on-site learning in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Similarly, employees that express concern about returning to their building due to compromised immune systems, underlying health conditions or the need to care for family members will be connected with the Human Resources Division to discuss reasonable accommodation options.