OVATIONS postponed

Ovations celebration postponed

To avoid spreading illness, the Albany High School PTSA has announced that it will postpone OVATIONS – its annual recognition celebration for outstanding City School District of Albany volunteers, faculty and staff – until late May.

The event now will be held Friday, May 29 at 5:30 p.m. at the Italian-American Community Center, located on Washington Avenue Extension. Tickets are $40 each if ordered through a PTA, PTSA or PTO; you also can order online for $45. Tickets will go on sale in mid-April. Proceeds will fund a $1,000 scholarship for one student in each of Albany High School’s four academies.

Event organizers are still looking for volunteers to assist with planning the event, which was originally slated for April 24. Email ptsaalbanyhigh@gmail.com to learn how you can help.