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Philip J. Schuyler Achievement Academy: A Community School

Phone: 518-475-6700 | Fax: 518-475-6702
676 Cinton Ave., Albany, NY 12206

About our school

Principal Kendra Chaires-FrancisAt Schuyler Achievement Academy, our vision is to equip all of our scholars with the academic and social-emotional knowledge and awareness needed to make good choices, advocate for themselves in the community and transform the world. We work to achieve this vision by creating a positive and child-centered environment that sets high expectations for achievement and success. As a community, we work to empower our students to be agents of change.

Schuyler aims to utilize all available resources and partnerships to eliminate any potential barriers to our students’ success. The coordination of these resources allows us to serve as a hub in the community and includes programs to serve our students’ health, after school programming and adult education.

It is a true privilege to educate, enrich and encourage your children while preparing them for greatness within our school and throughout the world! 

Kendra Chaires-Francis

Schuyler is a Community School, which functions as neighborhood centers providing additional support and services to students and families during and beyond the regular school day. For more information on services and programs we offer, please contact:

Michael-Aaron Poindexter

Community School Site Coordinator

grades Pre-K - 5
Enrollment 300
Breakfast  8:40 a.m.
School day 9:05 a.m.-3:35 p.m.

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Emma Steckman

Assistant Principal

Tonya Venable

Home School Coordinator

Michael-Aaron Poindexter

Community School Site Coordinator

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