President answers student letters

White House letterhead

Students at Philip J. Schuyler Achievement Academy recently got a wonderful surprise from the President of the United States.

Back in January, our second- and fifth-grade students at Schuyler wrote to President Biden and Vice President Harris to congratulate them after they were sworn in to office.

Our students urged the new President and Vice President to make major issues such as COVID-19, racism and hunger top priorities for their new administration. They received a letter back from President Biden just before Memorial Day weekend.

Here is an excerpt from the President’s letter thanking the Schuyler students for their good wishes and great suggestions:

“Even at your young ages, you have the power to impact the future for generations to come. Throughout your lives, remain curious, creative and fearless. These traits will serve you well and allow you to experience the best life has to offer.”

President Biden concluded his letter by urging the students to, “Study hard. Keep challenging yourselves. And be kind.”