Input needed for bike/pedestrian survey

Photo of residents on bikes.

The City of Albany, in partnership with the Capital District Transportation Committee (CDTC), is developing a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan to strengthen and promote walking and cycling in Albany. The goal is to complete a plan by the end of 2020 that will make it safer and more enjoyable to get around Albany as well as provide cleaner and healthier alternatives to cars.

To do this, Albany's Department of Planning and Development and CDTC are building on the City’s 2009 Bicycle Master Plan and adding a pedestrian component. Albany needs your help answering important questions such as:

What intersection could use a crosswalk?

Where is new bike infrastructure or a new sidewalk needed?

How can Albany improve accessibility, safety, and signage to attract more non-motorized travelers on wheel and on foot?

And any other questions you may have (please take the Online Survey at the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan website).

To strengthen the biking and walking environment in Albany, this updated Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan relies on extensive public input. You know your city, so your feedback is needed. The city has provided a number of methods for people who live in, work in or visit Albany to share ideas, experiences and suggestions in ways that are especially suited to social distancing:

Albany is excited about working together to strengthen the walkability and bikeability but community input is needed to do that -- so please join this collaborative process!

This update of the City’s Bike/Ped Master Plan is funded by CDTC’s 2019-2020 Community and Transportation Linkage Planning Program.