Graduating senior hugging Superintendent Kaweeda G. Adams on stage.

Our guiding principles

The City School District of Albany will be a district of excellence with caring relationships and engaging learning experiences that provide equitable opportunities for all students to reach their potential.

The mission of the City School District of Albany is to work in partnership with our diverse community to engage every learner in a robust educational program designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

  • Increase student achievement in early literacy, close the achievement gaps and increase graduation rate by focusing on the unique factors that impact student success.

    • Continue to develop, implement, enhance and monitor social-emotional supports

    • Continue to enhance and monitor instructional systems for student success including AVID, IB, K-2 literacy, STEM, STEAM, and RTI

    • Address high school and middle school facility needs through Albany High rebuild and middle school configuration

  • Enhance the delivery of quality instruction by providing our teachers and staff with high-level, meaningful professional development to promote student growth and proficiency.

    • Enhance and implement culturally responsive education best practices

    • Continue to develop, implement, enhance, and monitor how we use data to enhance instructional practices

    • Increase workforce diversity through creative recruiting and by planning for a strong “grow our own” strategy

  • Build our leadership capacity and increase accountability through ongoing professional growth opportunities designed to improve effective leadership in our organization.

    • Continue to work with building leaders to provide high quality instructional walkthroughs with actionable feedback

    • Increase workforce diversity

    • Implement distributive leadership models in order to build leadership capacity

    • Provide leadership professional development opportunities

    • This video showcases Delaware Community School Principal Kenneth Lein, Ed.D., and members of the behavior and building leadership teams discussing how their collective actions have created a positive shift in their school’s atmosphere, which directly supports increased student success.  

  • Empower families to support the success of their children through relationships of mutual respect and clear and effective communication.

    • Develop and monitor a written district-wide Communication Plan with an emphasis on building level communication and family engagement

    • Implement schooltool

    • Launch new district website

    • Provide customer service training for faculty and staff to improve school climate and family engagement

  • Partner with our diverse community, including local businesses and community leaders, to engage and empower stakeholders in the wrap-around services needed to support our students

    • Continue to develop and monitor Community Schools model

    • Continue to develop and monitor reciprocal community engagement strategies

    • Welcome community partners in schools