School News Notifier (SNN)

SNN is a City School District of Albany communications network that provides e-mail updates from each school and in 27 total categories, and also includes a text-messaging option for emergency announcements such as weather-related school closings or delays. SNN provides valuable information about building-level events, district news, transportation, athletics, sepcial education and more. 

The service is entirely customizable. You can choose to recieve notifications from as many or as few categories as you would like. We hope this will help make SNN as useful a tool as posible for all families and community members, but should you be dissatisfied with the service for whatever reason, you can unsubscribe at any time.

A service provided through Capital Region BOCES, SNN is easy to use, completely free and an excellent way to stay engaged, involved and informed. 

Once you're signed up for SNN, please remember to update your user profile if you have any changes to your preferred e-mail address, your cell phone number or your cell phone carrier. Your SNN service will be interrupted if any of that information changes and is not updated in your SNN profile.

Please be advised that SNN is a BOCES-owned product, including the registration page, and the link below will navigate you outside our redesigned domain.