Employment opportunities

Position   Location   Deadline
Administrative assistant   Academy Park   April 16
Assistant director, Special Education   District-wide   April 16
Case manager, homeless youth and families   District-wide   April 14
Cleaner, second shift   Albany High   April 14
Custodial workers   District-wide   April 14
Custodians   Middle school   April 14
English teachers   Middle school   April 14
ESAP afterschool tutor   Myers   April 27
ESAP hall monitor   O'Neal/Myers   April 27
Hall monitors   District-wide   April 14
Human Resources generalist (temporary)   Academy Park   April 16
Labor foreman   District-wide   April 14
Lunch aides   District-wide   Until filled
Math teachers   Middle school   April 14
Math teacher, leave of absence   Myers   Until filled
Music teacher, leave of absence   New Scotland   Until filled
Reading teachers   Middle school   April 14
Reading teacher, leave of absence   ASH   Until filled
Social workers   Middle/high school   April 14
Substitute hall monitors   District-wide   Until filled
Substitute sports supervision   District-wide   Until filled
Substitute teachers   District-wide   Until filled
Teaching assistants   Middle/high school   April 16