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Contract for Excellence: 2023-24

The City School District of Albany’s 2023-24 Contract for Excellence plan will continue efforts to improve student achievement.  It also will build capacity to serve students in high-needs schools across the district.

The total contract amount is $3,950,357, an increase from prior years due to the full phase-in of Foundation Aid. Our full 2023-24 contract spending plan is available for download

Targeted schools

The contract plan targets students with the greatest educational need as identified on the Educational Need Matrix provided by the State Education Department. 

The 2023-24 contract supports programs and services for students at the following schools:

Social work services

Special Education services

ENL, literacy and math


Contract for Excellence regulations indicate that the contract plan should result in at least a 10% gain in the percent of the target group students achieving the state standards. The target group students are those at the identified schools that did not meet their benchmark for annual progress, denoted by the State Education Department as Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

The timeline of our 2023-24 Contract for Excellence activities is available for download.

Public hearing

You are invited to share your questions, concerns, or comments regarding the 2023-24 Contract for Excellence either in writing by Aug. 28 or at a public hearing on Thursday, Aug. 10 from 5:30-6 p.m. at Harriet Gibbons Student Services Center, 75 Watervliet Ave.

Please submit written comments by Aug. 28 to:

Superintendent of Schools
1 Academy Park
Albany, NY 12207

You can also submit your comments via our online contact form, linked below.