Addressing the Board

The City School District of Albany Board of Education welcomes input from district residents, parents, students and other stakeholders. Community involvement at board meetings is encouraged so that we can better understand your views.

There are several ways to contact the board:

  • Our feedback form will send an email to district communications staff who can send it on to the board and/or appropriate staff.
  • Board committees meet regularly and provide opportunities for public comment. The committee meeting schedule is here.
  • The board meets regularly in public meetings and provides opportunity for public comment. The board meeting schedule is here.
  • Board contact information for postal mail, email and phone is available here.

If you choose to speak at a board or committee meeting, you will have up to three minutes to speak during the public comment period. Speakers are called in the order they signed up to speak. You may sign up at the meeting, or you may contact the board clerk in advance.

Please note that the board generally does not respond to public comment during a meeting. If you need a response, please consider contacting the board directly.

We encourage you to share specific student or staff concerns first with the relevant staff (teacher, principal, etc.). If you believe that your concern has not been addressed at that level, the next step would be the appropriate assistant superintendent for instruction (elementary or secondary [middle and high school]). If you believe that your concern still has not been addressed, please contact the superintendent before contacting the board. 

By law, individual student information and concerns about particular district personnel cannot be discussed in public meetings. If you need to contact the board about individual student or staff concerns please contact us directly.

For more information about how the board conducts business, please review the Board Policy Manual. The following policies may be of particular interest: