Community supports summer weekend food program

Woman puts flyers into food bags

Thanks to the Albany Fund For Education and the Albany Community Development Agency, 175 kids at six City School District of Albany will receive healthy food to eat on weekends for the rest of summer.

Staff and volunteers packed up the first shipment of bags on Thursday to be distributed Friday to students at Albany School of Humanities (ASH), Arbor Hill Elementary, Giffen Memorial Elementary, Pine Hills Elementary, Philip Schuyler Achievement Academy and Thomas O’Brien Academy of Science and Technology (TOAST).

The project began as grant request to AFE from Pine Hills Elementary Assistant Principal Allisen Brodie, who was looking to continue the school’s Feed and Read program during the summer. Brodie’s timing was great – her request arrived at AFE at the same time AFE learned of dollars available for programs that provide food to families hit hard by COVID-19.

AFE received a $15,000 grant from the Albany Community Development Agency and partnered with the school district to provide enough fresh produce, non-perishable food and coupons for fresh milk and eggs to students at the six schools through the end of summer.

Truly all in for Albany!

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