Serve Albany seeks volunteers

Superintendent Adams speaking from a podium about the importance of volunteering

A dozen nonprofits under the umbrella of Serve Albany joined Monday at a news conference to urge people to donate time or dollars to efforts supporting youth through tutoring, mentoring and otherwise volunteering beyond the walls of the school building.

Due to COVID-19, the City School District of Albany isn’t able to have volunteers in our schools at this time. But plenty of our community partners provide tutoring, mentoring and other opportunities to support students and their families outside school, said Pastor Jonathan Hentrich of Christ’s Church Albany-Serve Albany. 

Those organizations are looking to expand their pool of volunteers. Hentrich stressed the value of volunteering, and said it can positively affect the volunteer as well as the the person being served. 

At the news conference, which took place at Pine Hills Elementary School, County Executive Dan McCoy, Mayor Kathy Sheehan and Superintendent Kaweeda G. Adams echoed Hentrich’s sentiments about the importance of volunteering and its benefits to both the community and the volunteers themselves.

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We love our community partners! Help them be all in for Albany! 

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