Virtual student required vaccination notice

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Students whose families chose remote this learning this fall have until Nov. 11 to obtain the required vaccinations for their children, and must inform the school district by Oct. 23 of their intent to do so.

New York State law requires all students to have proof that they have received certain vaccinations before they can attend school. The state Department of Health has extended the deadline by which virtual students must have these vaccinations because the COVID-19 pandemic has limited some families’ ability to obtain them.

Virtual students lacking proof of the required vaccinations have been reactivated in Google Classroom and can participate in virtual instruction. Those students’ absences will be changed to “present” in lieu of additional guidance from the Department of Health. Those students also are expected to make up all missed assignments.

In order to continue virtual learning, a parent or guardian must complete this affidavit and return it by Friday, Oct. 23 via:

  • U.S. mail to Pupil Personnel Services Department/City School District of Albany, 75 Watervliet Ave., Albany, NY 12206
  • Fax to (518) 475-6131
  • Email Health Services Coordinator Suzanne McCarthy at  

If required vaccination proof is not received by Nov. 11, virtual students will be excluded from Google Classroom and receive unexcused absences.

Families with questions should contact their principal or school nurse.