'Do the Right Thing' students: October 2020

Young woman puts hand over mouth with surprise

Shakeila Blackwood reacts with surprise to being recognized by Do the Right Thing.

One student saw something concerning in his neighborhood and reported it. Another persevered and continued to strive for excellence despite challenging circumstances. And yet another is involved in volunteer activities including anti-bullying work.

They – and four others – are the first group of student winners of the “Do the Right Thing” program. They were recognized for their efforts Thursday when school resource officers Chris English and Nicole Reddix and program administrator Shamyr McCain presented them with Samsung tablets and other goodies.

The winners were chosen from among 36 nominated for Do the Right Thing, an initiative that acknowledges middle- and high-school students each month for their accomplishments, positive behavior and good deeds. Worthy students are nominated by school staff, parents, police officers and community members. 

The program is a partnership between the Albany Police Department , the City of Albany and the City School District of Albany. It was launched in October. 

The winners, and why they were chosen, include:

  • Shakeila Blackwood, Albany High School, grade 9. Why chosen: Determined; has made huge strides and improvements in academics; always kind, smiling, hopeful and positive
  • Christopher Diaz, North Albany Middle School, grade 6. Why chosen: Shares computer with brother and lets him use it before he does; works hard to get work done even if he has to do it offline
  • Elijah Doyle, Albany High School, grade 9. Why chosen: Determined and motivated; worked by candlelight to get homework done when power went out
  • Saniyah James, Albany High School, grade 10. Why chosen: Strove for excellence despite obstacles, even when had to temporarily relocate due to family emergency; got work done and continues to improve attendance
  • Anya Miller, William S. Hackett Middle School, grade 7. Why chosen: Volunteer work, including anti-bullying initiative; academic superstar; athlete; musician
  • John Mills, Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School. Why chosen: Saw something concerning in the neighborhood and reported it
  • Zyire Royal, North Albany Middle School, grade 6. Why chosen: Excellent role mode, studious, respectful, focused on academics and an avid reader

Besides the seven winners, students nominated for Do the Right Thing recognition during October were:

  • Nih’asia Acevedo-Lombard, Edmund J. O’Neal Middle School of Excellence, grade 8
  • Isaac Allen, Albany High, grade 9 
  • Gabriel Beckett, Tony Clement Center for Education, grade 11
  • Jayan Campbell, Albany High, grade 10
  • Wazir Dozier, Albany High, grade 12 
  • Eleanor Farrell, Albany High, grade 10
  • Lyndsey Heyliger, Albany High, grade 9
  • Akshay Kumar, Albany High, grade 9
  • Logan Lieman, Albany High, grade 11
  • Jasmine McCall, Albany High, grade 12
  • Arianah Moore, Albany High, grade 10
  • Miguel Munoz, Albany High, grade 10
  • Seyyed Mousavi, Albany International Center, grade 11
  • Murana Musa, Albany High, grade 11
  • Aveon Myles, Albany High, grade 9
  • Margaret Papa, Albany High, grade 12
  • Colin Paulsen, Hackett, grade 7
  • Rayshawn Quintyne, Albany High, grade 11
  • Shaquin Robinson, Albany High, grade 10
  • Truasia Royall-Watson, O’Neal, grade 8
  • Eh Shar Blu Say, O’Neal, grade 8
  • Samuel Starja, Albany High, grade 11
  • Troy Treece, O’Neal, grade 8
  • Shamir Utsey, Albany High, grade 11
  • Nixon Villeda Castro, Hackett, grade 6
  • Jakiem Walden, Albany High, grade 9
  • Keyorrie Wilson, Albany High, grade 12
  • Duaa Zahra, Albany High, grade 10
  • Hala Zaid, O’Neal, grade 8

All the nominees received a Do the Right Thing t-shirt, a certificate, a free pizza coupon and a free ice cream coupon. 

Know a middle- or high-school student worthy of recognition? Nominate them here.

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