North Albany Middle School receives $10,000 donation from Wonder Bread

Science teacher Liso Leonardo helps a student with an experiment at North Albany Middle School.

Wonder Bread, through its partnership with the national non-profit organization,, has donated $10,000 to North Albany Middle School.

The funds are intended for the school to purchase much-needed science tools and materials so they can successfully and safely continue to operate, whether students are learning in the classroom or remotely from their homes.

"On behld of North Albany Middle School, I would like to thank Wonder Bread and for their partnership and supporting our school with this significant donation," said Principal Andrea Piper.

"We look forward to determining how best to utilize the funds and maximize the benefit to our students and school community."

The donation is part of a national program celebrating the Wonder of Science. Wonder Bread will be adopting 10 schools across the northeastern United States in support of K-12 science programs, and offering free virtual events for students across the country.

"Whether packed in a lunchbox or served as an afternoon snack, Wonder Bread has been a part of the school day since its founding," said John Steed, Senior Vice President of Flower Foods, Wonder Bread's parent company.

The donation was a suprise to North Albany Middle School science teacher Lisa Leonardo. The "big reveal" occured in the school's third period sixth-grade science class on Friday after the students held a Google Meet with scientist Emily Calandrelli who hosts Emily's Wonderlab on Netflix. Calandrelli led two experiments which the students then conducted on their own, at their desks.

"I am a very emotional person so I think I cried when I heard about the donation. This is amazing news for my students and our entire school," said Leonardo.