Weigh in on legislative borders

Provide input on redistricting

A committee charged with redrawing the borders of congressional and state legislative districts is seeking community input at a virtual meeting at 2 p.m. Monday.

Register to attend the meeting and submit testimony here. Interested participants are asked to sign up by 2 p.m. Sunday.

The Independent Redistricting Commission of New York State is a 10-member body that New York voters created to redraw congressional and state legislative district lines fairly and equitably. 

The commission invites interested Capital District residents to discuss how they feel about the lines of their current district and provide relevant information about their “community of interest” -- a group that shares enough social and economic interests of importance that suggest they should be included in a single district for effective and fair representation.

Participants will have up to three minutes of speaking time, with no question and answer period. Residents are invited to submit written comments as well through the commission website at www.nyirc.gov and can create their own maps using resources available on the commission website. The meeting will be livestreamed and recorded.

These public meetings are the first and best opportunity for residents to provide public comment before the commission begins drawing the first round of district maps in mid-August, once the Census Bureau releases its 2020 data.

You can get a list of FAQs about the process here.