District to begin COVID-19 testing for unvaccinated employees

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In alignment with the direction of the New York State Department of Health, the City School District of Albany will implement mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing for all unvaccinated employees beginning this month.

To comply with this state directive, the district has asked all fully vaccinated employees to submit verification of their vaccination status by Sept. 30. Fully vaccinated employees may opt out of the mandatory weekly testing. 

The district is awaiting further guidance regarding COVID-19 testing for students. Please watch for more information. 

For school district employees, the state health department has required weekly testing for all unvaccinated employees when a school or district is in a geographic area identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as having low, moderate, substantial or high transmission rates. Albany County has a high transmission rate currently.

This determination applies to all school district faculty or staff, including all teachers, substitute teachers, student teachers, school administrators, and support staff, including contracted bus drivers.