Nov. 2 COVID-19 cases

City School District of Albany

The City School District of Albany was notified Tuesday of two new confirmed cases of COVID-19. Both cases and their unvaccinated contacts are quarantining at home.

The first case involves Albany High School. The individual is associated with ninth grade and was last in school Oct. 22. The Albany County Health Department identified 12 additional contacts with the case; one is vaccinated and does not require quarantine.

The second case involves Tony Clement Center for Education. The individual is associated with ninth grade and was last in school Oct. 29. The health department identified three additional contacts with the case.

Health and safety procedures at all district buildings continue to include cleaning and sanitizing. We will continue with these procedures, and also will continue to follow all required COVID-19 precautions (wearing masks inside all district buildings, hand hygiene, social distancing of 3 feet or more in all classrooms, and other precautions).

We also would like to remind everyone of steps you can take to help be safe:

  1. Maintain social distance at all times from those you don’t live with.
  2. Always wear a mask that covers both the mouth and nose when inside at school or when your student is riding a bus to or from school.
  3. Wash hands with soap and water frequently when out of your home. If you cannot use soap and water, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  4. Don’t touch the eyes, nose or mouth unless your hands are clean.
  • Signs of COVID-19 are: fever, fatigue/tiredness, muscle/body aches or pains, congestion, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, nausea/vomiting or diarrhea, headache, loss of taste or smell, rash, feeling sick or unwell in any way.
  • You can get a COVID-19 test by calling the New York State Department of Health COVID-19 Hotline at (888) 364-3065, or Whitney M. Young Jr. Health Center at (518) 407-0172 or (518) 465-4771.
  • In alignment with the recommendations of federal, state and local health and medical professionals, the City School District of Albany strongly encourages everyone 12 and older who is eligible and able to get a COVID-19 vaccination.