We are devastated by the Texas school shooting

Portrait of Superintendent Kaweeda G. Adams

We were devastated to learn of the horrifying mass shooting at a Texas elementary school on Tuesday afternoon. This is yet another shocking and senseless act of violence for our country to endure, especially so close to the tragedy in Buffalo just 11 days ago.

It is difficult to comprehend these intentional acts intended to hurt, injure or, in these cases, take human life.  

Our hearts are with everyone in Uvalde, Texas, and most especially with the families who have suffered such unthinkable loss.

Safety is a top priority in the City School District of Albany, and it must be a top priority for everyone in our community. Our district works in partnership with law enforcement agencies each day to ensure that multiple security measures are in place in all of our buildings to protect the well-being of our students, employees and visitors. 

All of our schools also participate annually in emergency drills, including four lockdown drills each school year, so that our administrators, faculty, staff and students are aware of the steps to follow in the event of a threat.  

We review our building security plans and procedures regularly, and our employees participate in safety-related professional development throughout the year, including active-shooter training in partnership with law enforcement professionals.

We would like to provide these resources for parents and guardians to help talk with your children at home about incidents such as these:

Sadly, we have learned that despicable acts of violence such as Tuesday’s mass shooting are possible anywhere in our society. No public place is immune. 

That is why it is so critically important for everyone to notify the proper people whenever you encounter something that makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened.

Students should immediately tell a trusted adult, whether at home, at school or in the community. 

Employees should inform their supervisor. 

Community members should contact the Albany Police Department or other law enforcement officials. 

If you see something, say something.

Protecting our children, loving our children, valuing the future of our society and caring for one another are values we strive for in our school district and in our community. This is the future all of us must work toward together.

Yours in education,

Kaweeda G. Adams