Opening night is Thursday!

Five actors dressed as nuns sing onstage

Overture! Curtain! Lights!

Opening night for the Albany High School Theatre Ensemble production of “Sister Act” is Thursday, and the cast, crew and pit orchestra held a full dress rehearsal for the production Monday. (See a Facebook photo album from the rehearsal.)

“Sister Act” tells the tale of nightclub singer Deloris Van Cartier, who sees her gangster boyfriend commit a murder at the grungy club where she's performing. She reports the crime to the police and is placed in a witness protection program disguised as a nun in a convent, and the fun begins.

The Theatre Ensemble will present performances of the musical Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m., with a Sunday matinee at 2 p.m. All shows are in the school's magnificent new auditorium. Tickets are available at the door for $15 each for general admission, with student and senior tickets at $5 each.

The play is directed by Brian Avery. Don't miss it! You can also support the Theatre Ensemble by buying a t-shirt or sweatshirt with a student-designed logo! Your purchase will support future productions. Order one here.


  • Deloris Van Cartier – C’Ionna Carmon
  • Mother Superior – Ciara Wierschem
  • Sister Mary Robert – Iris Whalen
  • Sister Mary Patrick – Annabelle Clemens
  • Sister Mary Lazarus – Camden Allen
  • Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours – Maia Ballato
  • Sister Mary Theresa – Victoria Suarez
  • Monsignor O’Hara – William O’Neill
  • Curtis – Shaquin Robinson
  • Eddie – Ray Blanken
  • TJ – Julian Shepersky
  • Joey – Timo Berry
  • Pablo – Reyanna Rodriguez
  • Michelle – Lucy Edvalson
  • Tina – Donovan Jones
  • Ernie – Declan Chirlin
  • Nuns – Autumn Citrine, Opal Morales, Nina Scandurra, Sienna Stewart
  • Cop – Rowan Hoehn
  • Waitress – Mel’Lani Campbell
  • Ensemble – Paloma Ahmed, Preeya Ahmed, Nikkya Hylton, Josey Hunt, Jayden Lozada, Adison Miller, Christina Pringle, Ian Roach, Desiree Watkins, John Willis

Staff crew

  • Director – Brian Avery
  • Producer – Amanda Weklar
  • Musical Director – Brendan Hoffman
  • Choreography – Omonike Akinyemi/Brian Avery
  • Technical Director – Jahmere Holland
  • Orchestra Director – John Halvorsen
  • Rehearsal/Pit Piano – William DeSantis
  • Stage Manager – Katherine Myers
  • Light Designer – Jahmere Holland
  • Sound Designer – Kyle Albano
  • Costume Design – Kim DeHart/Brian Avery
  • Set Design – Brian Avery
  • Hair/Make-Up – LaQuita Love
  • House Manager – Cheyene Adams
  • Master Carpenter – John Avery

Student crew

  • Nick Caesar
  • Millie Casanova
  • Sonja De Piro
  • Kaddisha Findley
  • Abigail Fowler
  • Karly Grant
  • Meskerem Kelle
  • Sebastian McHenry
  • Taliyah Miller
  • Kierra Okine
  • Rebecca Pender
  • Amy Sepulveda
  • Isabella Waldman
  • Kaylan Watts

Pit orchestra

Anya Miller | Violin
Tessa Weklar | Flute
Hannah Goldstein | Flute
Rachel Andrews | Flute
Myles Bearden | Oboe
Simon Carey | Clarinet
Owen Sears | Saxophone
Conor Costello | Trumpet
Andrew Eck | Trumpet
Masami Surisawa | Trombone
Julio Davis | Tuba
Kaleighanne Athens | Percussion
Isabelle Scandurra | Percussion
Giles “Grant” Hershey | Drums
Macaylah Irving | Viola
Kathleen Gazda | Flute
Renee Geraghty | Flute
Juliana Blake | Flute
Zane Sears | Clarinet
Imre Zak | Clarinet
Nora Gordon | Saxophone
Gabriel Cruz | Trumpet
Luyanda Pieterse | Trombone
Anna Baldes | Trombone
Andre Speller | Tuba
Isaac Allen | Keyboard
Benjamin Quist | Guitar
Trent Minarich | Bass