Celebrating National School Principals’ Day

Portrait of Interim Superintendent John Yagielski

May 1 is National School Principals’ Day. Please join me in taking a moment to thank our building leaders for all they do to support and empower our students as well as our teachers and staff members.

The leadership of our principals and assistant principals sets the tone for the teaching and learning environment throughout the City School District of Albany, and for the support of our students’ social-emotional and mental health needs. This vital role is critical now more than ever as we continue to build back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our building leaders also are responsible for the safety and well-being of everyone in our organization – nearly 11,000 of us – every day.

While they are trained educators, they also must be expert in all aspects of their building’s operations. They also are leaders in providing a high level of customer service and community engagement with our families, neighbors and partners.

Our administrators have a significant positive impact on our students and our community every day, and I applaud them for their tireless contributions to the success of our entire school community.


John Yagielski
Interim Superintendent