'Do the Right Thing' winners: Spring 2023

Student winner stands with two school resource officers, principal and assistant principal

City School District of Albany students continue to lead, shine and excel, and several were rewarded for their efforts Wednesday by "Do the Right Thing."

Do the Right Thing is a collaboration that began in fall 2020 between the school district, the City of Albany and the Albany Police Department. Middle- and high-school students are nominated for their accomplishments, positive behavior and good deeds. Every three months a committee determines the top students, who win Samsung tablets and other great prizes.

Students who received top honors for spring were:

  • Paloma Ahmed, freshman, Albany High School. Why nominated: She is an amazing student who receives outstanding grades while being in student government, participating in Mock Trial and performing in the school play. She takes and enjoys challenging classes.
  • Preeya Ahmed, freshman, Albany High. Why nominated: She is a dedicated, hardworking student who takes challenging classes while participating in student government and performing in the school play.
  • Nya Almodovar, eighth grade, William S. Hackett Middle School. Why nominated: She is a very hard worker and always gets her work done. She is honest and trustworthy and is kind to her peers and teachers. I have had Nya as a student for two years and I have only seen her grow into a wonderful young woman who is goal-oriented and driven. I truly enjoy teaching her and having her in my class.
  • Audrey Batcher, eighth grade, William S. Hackett Middle School. Why nominated: She strives to reach her goals and dreams without anything getting in her way. She is very sweet and kind and will succeed if she stays focused and positive.
  • Aaliyah Campbell, sixth grade, North Albany Middle School. Why nominated: Her positive attitude and smile light up her classes. She strives for five every day at North Albany and comes to class prepared. She also is kind and respectful to her peers and teachers.
  • Razi Gomez Fisher, freshman, Albany High. Why nominated: He shows enthusiasm in class, always has a positive attitude and is often found helping others with material and schoolwork that they are having trouble with. He asks thoughtful questions in class and is always patient with his classmates.
  • Majhae Francis, junior, Albany High. Why nominated: He saw a student being bullied by others and intervened. He is an exceptional human being with a great sense of self and what he wants to accomplish.
  • Aaliayh Hargrove, senior, Albany High. Why nominated: She takes the initiative and is a leader, but also excels in working in teams. She is creative and innovative and serves as a mentor and role model to her peers.
  • Calvin Johnson, sixth grade, Hackett Middle School. Why nominated: He is always making kind gestures toward his fellow students, helping them through the hallways, assisting them in other ways and making sure they are safe and protected.
  • Alexa Jones, sophomore, Tony Clement Center for Education. Why nominated: In the past year, her grades and attendance improved dramatically, and she is an honor student in the Health Sciences program. She plans to attend college and become a nurse, and with her confidence, she will surely be successful.
  • London Plowden, seventh grade, Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School. Why nominated: A responsible, respectful and safe student, she comes to school every day with an open heart and mind.  She consults trusted adults when she hears of conflict in school and tries to help her peers get through their conflicts. She is a part of the Myers student equity team and continually strives to make the school an equitable and fair learning environment for all.
  • Johan Richardson, eighth grade, Myers Middle School. Why nominated: A role model to all, he never stands by if someone needs help or advice. He stands up to bullies and tells them why they are bullies and how they can change their behavior. He also is one of the kindest students in the building. He is going to do great things with his life.
  • Carmen Sampona, freshman, Albany High. Why nominated: She is a very respectful and responsible student who strives to do her best. Her work is excellent, and she reports to class and submits her work on time.
  • G'ahnah Skervin, seventh grade, Myers Middle School. Why nominated: An intelligent, generous and kindhearted young lady, she goes above and beyond to help her classmates and ensure she understands her work. She is a dancer and musician and makes “short” films. She is thorough in her work, and challenges peers and teachers to think critically, be empathetic and do the right thing.
  • Jaeton Stephens, sophomore, Albany High. Why nominated: He possesses excellent leadership qualities and is helpful to others. He is also very observant, which helps him find solutions to problems he confronts. He is a great role model to his peers.
  • Gavionna Thomas, sophomore, Albany High. Why nominated: She is an exceptional student in and out of school. She has made honor roll every quarter every year since first grade. She enjoys helping younger youth during the week at Kidz Klub Discovery Center.

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