Updates for spring state 3-8 exams

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As we head toward spring, we wanted to provide some updates and information regarding the upcoming state exams for students in grades 3-8.

For additional resources and helpful information about all of this year’s state exams, you can visit the State Education Department website

English Language Arts (ELA)

In ELA, all students will take the exam via computer-based testing. To accommodate this new testing platform for all students, we have updated the ELA testing dates for all grades:

  • Grades 3-5 ELA – April 23-24
  • Grade 6 ELA – April 25-26
  • Grade 7 ELA – April 30-May 1
  • Grade 8 ELA – April 23-24


In math, all students will take the exam via computer-based testing except grades 6-7; these students will take the exam via the traditional paper-based method. All students in grades 3-8 will take the state math exam on May 7-8, irrespective of the testing platform. 


Students in grade 5 and grade 8 will take this exam in May via computer-based testing. Students in grade 5 will take the state science exam on May 1, and students in grade 8 on May 14.


All K-12 students in our English as a New Language programs will take the speaking and listening, reading and writing portions of the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) during testing windows in April and May.

  • Speaking window – April 15-May 24
  • Listening, reading and writing – May 13-24

Your child’s principal will have more information for the specific NYSESLAT testing dates for your school.

If you have additional questions about any of this year’s state exams, please talk with your child’s principal.