A note of thanks to our principals, teachers and nurses

Joseph Hochreiter

Each year, May brings the promise of the best days of spring, and the realization that the end of another school year is in sight. It also brings the opportunity for those of us in education to recognize three groups of employees who are at the heart of all that we do year-round: our building administrators, teachers and nurses.

We marked National School Principals Day at the start of the month, and today we come to the end of Teacher Appreciation Week and National Nurses Week.

While we are grateful for the endless contributions that these professionals make each and every day to help our school district shine, please join me in taking this opportunity today to thank them for all that they do.

We are thankful for the leadership our principals and assistant principals provide for everyone in their school community. They are there every day to ensure that their building runs smoothly in service to our students and families, consistently setting the tone for success. They are tireless in their commitment, and steadfast in their charge.

All of us can look back on our own educational experience and name a teacher who made a huge positive difference in helping us become who we are today. Our teachers empower our students to strive to achieve their fullest potential. They are the very essence of our mission, guiding, nurturing and supporting our students on their way to adulthood. We salute their critical work.

Our nurses help our students remain healthy and strong. Their work was never more vital and appreciated than during the pandemic, and, as always, they remain critical to the well-being of our entire school community. They are vigilant, compassionate and dedicated to our students’ well-being. We are deeply appreciative of their service to our school community.
So take a moment to thank these exceptional professionals today, and remember every single day how important they are to the work that we do and the success of the students and families we serve.






Joseph Hochreiter