Second graders celebrate 'Friendsgiving'

Girl wearing pilgrim hat eats pumpkin pie next to turkey decoration

Second graders at Albany International Center and in the Dual Language Program celebrated “Friendsgiving” Monday afternoon with pie, guests and gratitude.

In Donna Nieman’s Albany International Center class, students stood as a group and each talked about what they are thankful for; they then sang the song “I’m a Little Turkey.” Nieman gave each student and guest a piece of pumpkin, sweet potato and apple pie to try. After the feasting, Nieman made a chart of everyone’s preferences. (Apple pie was the overwhelming favorite!)

In Carmen Militello’s Dual Language class next door, students wore pilgrim hats, visited with family and each other, and enjoyed pumpkin pie on tables decorated with turkeys and tablecloths. Once the goodies were gone, they finished up with Thanksgiving-themed, Spanish-language worksheets about nouns.

Both classes are based at Edmund O’Neal School of Excellence.

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