Hands-on science with The Vegetable Project

Three students scoop dirt into their gallon-jug greenhouses

Our amazing community partners at The Vegetable Project are undertaking a project to have City School District of Albany students build 750 mini-greenhouses this month from plastic gallon-sized jugs, and students in Alexandra Siy’s Environmental Studies class at Albany International Center spent Thursday preparing theirs.

Talk about hands-on: Students mixed water with potting soil, used an electric drill to put drainage holes in the milk jug, filled the jugs with soil and planted seeds of cold-tolerant herbs, veggies and flowers. Every student made their own mini-greenhouse; all will be placed outside school.

Siy’s students – English language learners in grades 9-11 – are among some 750 district students who are taking part in the mini-greenhouse project under the direction of The Vegetable Project’s Bill Stoneman.

Take a look at a Facebook photo album of their work. (You don't need a Facebook account to see the photos linked in the highlighted text. A window may appear that says, "To see more from Albany City Schools on Facebook, log on or create an account,” but you can dismiss it by clicking “not now.”)