Exceptional student Chrysolyte Baun

Albany High calendar student Chrysolyte Baun

Congratulations to senior Chrysolyte Baun, who proudly represents Albany High in the district's 2019-20 wall calendar.

Chrysolyte was recognized at a special reception on Oct. 2.

Chrysolyte is the epitome of an Innovation Academy student. She is an amazing violinist and loves singing, but she is equally passionate about science and research. She has challenged herself each and every year by taking numerous advanced curriculum courses all while participating in advanced orchestra and choir. 

Chrysolyte believes that music transcends words and can reach a lot of
people.  Figuring out how things work scientifically is also extremely important to her, and she hopes that looking at things on a much smaller scale will enable her to make a large impact in the medical field someday. In fact, this past summer, she conducted research tr at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Albany High School is proud to recognize Chrysolyte Baun as a student of excellence in this year’s calendar.