Exceptional student Mayah Bright

Albany High calendar student Mayah Bright

Congratulations to senior Mayah Bright, who proudly represents Albany High in the district's 2019-20 wall calendar.

Mayah was recognized at a special reception on Oct. 2.

Mayah is an amazing student-athlete. She is very hardworking and determined, both on and off the court. 

Mayah’s skills have improved dramatically since her freshman year -- so much so that she was recognized as the Most Improved Player for the 2018-2019 season. As a junior, she was a starting center and helped the team advance to the semi-finals, become Gray Division Champions and have a season record of 19-3.

Mayah is a leader at Albany High because she is an honor roll student, takes advanced classes, plays sports and is involved with the community. She is always around and always makes herself available to help anyone and everyone who asks for it. 

Albany High School is proud to recognize Mayah Bright as a student of excellence in this year’s calendar.