Exceptional student Nicholas Hillengas

Albany High calendar student Nicholas Hillengas

Congratulations to senior Nicholas Hillengas, who proudly represents Albany High in the district's 2019-20 wall calendar.

Nicholas was recognized at a special reception on Oct. 2.

Nicholas exhibits three character traits –  adaptability, reliability and positivity – that make him an integral member of the boys’ varsity soccer team. Nick is able to adapt to ever-changing situations that develop around the game. He keeps himself prepared for any situation that may come his way, which allows him to step up when his team needs him most. He maintains a good attitude regardless of how frustrating or intense a training session or a competition gets.

Successful teams have members that are reliable and commit themselves to the team goals. Nick is a player who knows his purpose and does the job right so that others can do theirs. He has disciplined himself so that his teammates know that they can rely on him. He works hard and maintains high standards, which shows his teammates that he is committed to team goals. He can be trusted, and his teammates can rely on him when needed. Nick encourages his teammates to stay positive, focused, and committed. This helps to create a positive culture which is a hallmark of the successful varsity soccer program. Albany High School is proud to recognize Nick Hillengas as a student of excellence in this year’s calendar.