Locker clean out and supply drop-off

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The rapid closure of schools due to COVID-19 health concerns did not allow time for our students to collect personal items left at Albany High School and Abrookin Career and Technical Center. Therefore, we have set aside specific dates and times during the week of June 8-12 for students to pick up their belongings and return school-owned materials.

The scheduleis below is based on the first letter of a student’s last name. Students should report to school only during their assigned time to ensure proper social distancing. .

  Monday, June 8 Tuesday, June 9 Wednesday, June 10 Thursday, June 11 Friday, June 12
8-10 a.m. A D-F M S Make up
10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. B G-H N-P T-V Make up
1-3 p.m. C I-L Q-R W-Z Make up

We have reserved times on June 12 for students that may have conflicts on their assigned days.

To minimize traffic into the building, a textbook drop-off site will be available for students in front of Albany High. Students that only have textbooks to return should do so there.

Abrookin students should report to Abrookin to drop off textbooks and retrieve items from their lockers during the scheduled times. Students may drop off additional items at Albany High.

Safety precautions

●     Face coverings are required to enter the building. Students will not be permitted without them. Homemade cloth face coverings are acceptable.

●     Students should bring their student ID, enter through the main entrance and proceed down the phys ed bridge towards the main gym.

●     Parents and guardians may not come into the school unless they are reporting to pick up their student’s medicine from the nurse.

●     Social distancing practices will be enforced. Students must stay at least six feet away from others during their visit and avoid socializing with other students.

Item return process

Students will report to stations spread out throughout the gym to return items that include textbooks, library books, calculators, instruments, athletic equipment and JROTC equipment.

Chromebooks and Wifi hotspots will be collected from seniors only, with the following exceptions:

●     Seniors who have a younger sibling who will be registered with the City School District of Albany in the 2020-2021 school year; and

●     Seniors who need to continue to use these devices for classwork

A limited number of yearbooks will be available for sale. Yearbooks are $55 each and may be paid by cash, check or money order. Yearbooks will be delivered in the coming weeks.

Item retrieval from lockers

Once students are done returning items in the gym, they are to proceed to the building where their locker is located, retrieve their belongings and promptly exit the building. We suggest bringing a bag for your personal items. Textbooks and library books from lockers can be dropped off at designated areas in each hallway.