Top 10 Falcons

Top 10 Falcons jumping in the air.

In recognition of their outstanding academic careers, the top 10 graduating seniors from Albany High School’s Class of 2020 continued the tradition of “climbing to new heights,” this year atop the new academic building. The students and their next destinations are (L-R by academic rank in this photo):

  1. Kamela Cenko; University at Albany, SUNY
  2. Mimi Morse; Binghamton University
  3. Mackenzi Stevenson; Columbia University in the City of New York
  4. Olivia Lopez; SUNY Geneseo
  5. Toussaint Santicola Jones; Princeton University
  6. Matthew Baker; Binghamton University
  7. Amelia Colafati; Tufts University
  8. Lina Morse; Binghamton University
  9. Alexander Valerio*; Hudson Valley Community College
  10. Dabar Zarzuela: Syracuse University

Congratulations to these high-achieving and high-flying Falcons!

* Alexander Valerio was unavailable at the time of the shoot